John Isiah Walton  –  God Willing

April 15 – May 14, 2016

Reception with the Artist: Friday April 22, 6-9 PM

A New Life, John Isiah Walton, Ink on Paper, 14 x 11", 2016

A New Life, John Isiah Walton, Ink on Paper, 14 x 11″, 2016

God Willing

In 2001 I watched as the second plane flew into the Twin Towers on a tv at school. I had no idea how much the future had just been shifted. I started to notice how it seemed that Muslims were becoming the problem. Then I began to learn about the wars and suffering running rampant in several countries because of organized radical Islamic believers. Today in Syria the problems have become so severe that half of the country’s entire population has been displaced. Many flee the country fighting for their lives, and on their journey they may have to go through dangerous checkpoints or risk the treacherous passage across the sea en route to Greece. I feel it is my duty as an artist in the 21st century to record what is happening. I’m not a fan of painting pretty pictures; I switch styles to execute what I think would bring out the best emotions of how I feel about the subject, and hope I can capture the reality and disaster of those people fleeing this “holy war”.

– John Isiah Walton

John Isiah Walton is a native New Orleans resident. He has participated in numerous group shows in New Orleans, and exhibited at P339 Gallery in May 2015 in his solo show ‘Beaucoup Humidity’ curated by Diego Cortez.